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news - Mon 11 Feb 2013
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Are LMFAO ever getting back together?

Red Foo doesn't sound too convinced...

LMFAOs Red Foo claims hes unsure as to whether or not his duo will ever get back together.

The Sexy And I Know It pair parted ways in September last year, but claimed the split would only be temporary. Now though, it seems the hiatus could be permanent.

Red Foo told Billboard: "I could easily say, 'Okay, sure, in the future we'll come back together.' But really, the most accurate way I can say that is that time will tell.

"It's not about just the music. It's easy to get in the studio and say 'Hey, you put a verse over here and we can just put a label on it and call it LMFAO.' That's easy - that's what we did the last album.

Red Foo hinted at tensions within the duo, explaining that he and fellow member Sky Blu dont see too much of each other anymore.

He said: "There's a dynamic between [Sky Blu and me] that has changed. There's a personal dynamic, and energy dynamic.

We didn't have to come together and do LMFAO, but we wanted to. It was like, 'We hang out every day. We're best friends every day. Instead of you trying to help me do my solo thing and I try to help you do your solo thing, why don't we just both do a thing together?' But now that isn't the case.

We're not hanging out. So it doesn't make sense - the dynamic has changed. Now we would have to fly to see each other; we used to live in the same house! The circumstances have changed. The popularity is different. The money situations are different."

It all sounds very complicated (and confusing), but we sure hope the boys can work out any differences they may have. It is only February right now, but July will be here before we know it and if weve not got an LMFAO summer anthem to blast out in the sunshine of 2013, we quite simply want to stay in winter forever.

Come on, boys. Sort it out.

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