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  • 23 September 2009, 10:58

Army bra bust-up

A female soldiers' rights group in Sweden is in a bust-up with top brass over bras that come undone too easily.

The Swedish Conscript Council has told the county's military leaders the bras are useless in combat because of weak catches.

They also claim a lack of fireproofing means the bras can even catch fire and melt into the skin of a female soldier.

"When women perform vigorous exercise their bras come undone so they have to stop and undo all their kit to clip them back together," said council spokeswoman Paulina Rehbinder.

"There should be suitable apparel for women. Currently the bras are completely inappropriate."

And she added that military top brass were aware of the problem but were not doing enough about it.

"It has not been a priority for the higher ups because women make up only around five per cent of the Swedish armed forces," she said.