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Jamie tackles British grub

Jamie Oliver

After crying on camera during his not-very-successful attempts to turn Americans on to healthy food, Jamie Oliver is setting his sights on his homeland, with a new Channel 4 series focusing on good old British food.

Six-parter Jamie's Great Britain will see the chef looking at old classics like steak and kidney pie and fish and chips, as well as adopted favourites such as chicken tikka masala.

"For me, the heart and soul of real British cooking is food that makes you happy," said Jamie. "And that's what I want to share with viewers - the real essence of British food, done properly."

Channel 4's Dominique Walker said: "In this new series we see him travelling across Britain to discover the fascinating stories of how our own food, the dishes we think of as traditionally British, are actually a product of the rich melting pot of cultures that have made our country what it is today."

Promoting the book that accompanies the series, Jamie sounded like he was ready to return home. "It has been a long time coming, but sometimes it takes a few decades of looking at other countries to realise how wonderful your own really is," he said.

Perhaps completing Jamie's disillusionment with the US is the recent news that his Food Revolution show was dropped by ABC mid-series and replaced with repeats of old episodes of Dancing With the Stars. Ouch.

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