Football Pulse archive - February 2012

VIDEO (29/02): It can get pretty blowy at the Britannia Stadium on a winter's evening, but even the wind-lashed regulars in the Potteries have never seen anything like this. A truly bizarre own goal by Dynamo Kiev's goalkeeper Assaf Mendes in a friendly against Maccabi Haifa.

VIDEO (29/02): Forget Rory Delap. Forget Andy Legg (one for older readers there). Iceland's Steinthor Freyr Thorsteinssons is the new king of the throw-in.

PIC (28/02): You can only applaud Chris Kamara for agreeing to dress like Liverpool's Spice Boys - think 1996 FA Cup final - as a pundit for the Carling Cup final at the weekend. The man has no shame.

VIDEO (28/02): Sticking to the same game, check out this Liverpool-supporting kid celebrating the win over Cardiff City but poking himself in the eye. Gary Lineker and co. in the Match of the Day studio absolutely love it.

VIDEO (27/02): Beautiful goal by a beautiful man (according to our, erm, sisters and other halves). Cristiano Ronaldo rubbishes the 'play the way you face' approach as he racks up his 37th goal of the season with a sublime back-heel.

VIDEO (24/02): We've featured many videos here on The Pulse entitled 'Worst Miss Ever' and here's the latest candidate - step forward Deivid in Wednesday's Flamengo v Vasco da Gama clash.

VIDEO (24/02): Deep, deep down the Argentinian league structure (check out the pitch!) we have a truly bizarre penalty award - given for handball despite the ball deflecting off a tree behind the goal.

VIDEO (24/02): For children of the 90s who spent half their childhood on Sensible Soccer, this lovely little Sensi-inspired goals compilation is unarguably the best way to spend the next 16 minutes of your existence.

VIDEO (23/02): Sam Parham combines his expertise as a free runner with some handy football skills in this neat little video. Not sure he'd last long on Hackney Marshes with this sort of caper, mind.

VIDEO (22/02): It turns out Jose Mourinho's no slouch with the ball at his feet. Here's a video clip of the Special One doing keepy-uppys before a recent Real Madrid European match.

VIDEO (22/02): Football fans try all manner of ideas to put off the opposition but this is a novel one by Legia Warsaw supporters, who perform a mass snowball fight against Sporting's player before their Europa League match.

VIDEO (20/02): Last week we told you about The Sun linking Aaron Ramsey's goals with the deaths of 'celebrities'. To mark this ludicrous observation, some Taiwanese animators have come up with this. Love the reference to 'United Manchester'.

VIDEO (16/02): It's unlikely to threaten the top of the charts (not that it's any worse than the manufactured rubbish out there nowadays), but here's a catchy song about the Anfield Cat.

PIC (15/02): Carlton Cole knows how to make a lady feel special on Valentine's Day. Who would've thought the West Ham striker was such a romantic?

VIDEO (14/02): It turns out that refusing to shake someone's hand before a match might well be catching on judging by this particular Aston Villa mascot.

VIDEO (10/02): Here's Tottenham's Sandro as you've never seen him before, filmed by Danny Rose pulling his best karate moves in the Spurs changing room, complete with giggles from his teammates. Wouldn't mess with him though.

STORY (10/02): Former Brazil striker Adriano has effectively been put under house arrest by his employers at Corinthians in a bid to stop him eating. The frontman's weight has ballooned and his club have now forced him to stay in a hotel and eat only what the team doctor orders.

PIC (09/02): Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is not necessarily renowned for being down with the kids. But here he is, as the Sun says, keeping it real with Falkirk's Farid El Alagui. Fo shizzle, etc

PIC (09/02): You might have noticed a bit in the papers and on the news this morning about Harry Redknapp, and the fact that he's been cleared of tax evasion. Well, clearly the BBC didn't entirely agree with the verdict judging by this screengrab from yesterday.

VIDEO (06/02): We're not sure if British long-distance runner Mo Farah has done enough to earn a short-term deal at Arsenal (shocking pass at the 1:29 mark), but it's good to see Arsene Wenger keeping his options open.

VIDEO (06/02): Soccer Special would be pretty dull without the likes of Chris Kamara messing around with his clothing throughout his reports from the QPR v Wolverhampton match. The unbuttoned shirt look is our favourite.

VIDEO (02/02): Probably best not to play with a white ball in the middle of a blizzard. We've watched this clip 20 times and still can't see it.

VIDEO (01/02): This is incredible. Erlan Mealla scores an 18-yard flying back-heel scorpion kick for National Potosi. No, really.

STORY (01/02): Now we don't often have the pleasure of seeing the Zimbabwe national team, and we'll now be seeing even less of them as the Zimbabwe FA suspend a huge 67 players following a match-fixing scandal. Read the fully story here.


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