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news - Wed 23 Jan 2013
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Justin Bieber becomes most followed Twitter user in the world

He beats Lady Gaga to the title, with over 33 million followers

If you thought Justin Bieber's star was fading, if you thought he may just be a flash in the pan, think again. Bieber continues to extract his masterplan of world domination today by becoming the most followed person in the universe on Twitter.

The title previously belonged to Lady Gaga, but Biebz has now usurped the outrageous pop queen, amassing 33,323,575 followers in comparison to her 33,321,433 at time of writing.

Gaga fans, however, have been quick to point out that whilst Justin may have more followers, he has yet to score a No 1 single and has only sold 11 million albums in his career to date, with Lady Gaga boasting over 26 million sales.

We think it's fair to say that both of the singers are pretty big in their own right, but which one of them do you follow on Twitter?

Could Gaga quickly muster up some new followers and reclaim the most popular Twitter title anytime soon? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The only other celeb with over 30 million followers on the micro-blogging site is California Gurl Katy Perry. Rihanna, President Barack Obama and Britney Spears sit in fourth, fifth and sixth position in the Twitter popularity chart respectively.

Congratulations, Justin. Don't forget to listen to as much Justin as you can handle on your mobile, by signing up to Monkey from Orange.

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