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news - Wed 19 Dec 2012
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Angel tells us he's a naughty boy

The R&B singer tells about his relationships with the ladies

Angel burst onto the music scene earlier this year, with the release of his debut single Wonderful. The song climbed the charts week after week, eventually cracking the Top 10 and amassing tonnes of YouTube views in the process.

Although he may have been working long and hard in previous years to get where he is today, 2012 really was the year that Angel finally cracked the mainstream.

Now with a Top 10 single under his belt (and with a mass of critical acclaim and hype to boot), where does the R&B singer go from here? Read on to find out, as caught up with Angel.

So lets talk about your last single, Wonderful. It was one of those songs that climbed the charts week after week, so how was it looking at the chart positions to constantly see it climb and climb so high?

That was really positive, it was a highlight for me, especially after all the hard work wed put in. You know, seeing it go places, being more recognised, hearing thousands of people singing back a song to you is like crazy. Its a very positive feeling, the feeling of evolution.

To go Top 20 is amazing, but to go Top 10.

Top 10 was out of this world. It was very overwhelming for me!

Let's talk about your new tune Time After Time. The video's pretty glossy and swish isnt it?

Yeah, thank you man, you know, its just different to Wonderful. We wanted to kinda make like a role-play kinda video as opposed to like making gestures to the camera, as basically its a story were trying to tell. Its a kind of insight to my life, but not really my life, just like reflects a tiny percentage of my lifestyle.

So does that mean the song is quite autobiographical, because youve been a bit of a naughty boy in the tune?!

Ha. Kind of, yeah. I think sometimes.

But youve got a very pretty female co-star in the video, so why are you cheating on her?

I know, I know! But as a man, its not about how pretty you are, its about the temptations of life. In times we cant fight the temptation so thats why we get into these kind of situations. Its real life and I think thats 95% of the world that goes through that. So Im just trying to make something thats appealing to the world.

So Conor Maynards in the video, and you did a tune with Wretch, you must have a massive celebrity phone book by now?

Yeah loads, its definitely building up every day. You know I got some people in my phone book, its waking up everyday and meeting new people and working with people and I think its the beauty of my life really.

Are you embracing this celebrity lifestyle?

Erm, Im embracing the celebrity lifestyle because it comes hand in hand with being an artist, but I wouldnt label me as a celebrity, Im an artist.

Are you a demanding artist? Youve had a hit single and no doubt a second on the way

No, no Im not diva-ish or anything like that. I dont go somewhere and say, 'I need this food' or 'pass me this' and 'pass me that' because everyones on the same level. Everyone that Im working with is a team, I do what I do and people are on board with me, but no ones better than no one, everyone plays their part.

So, youre not the next Mariah Carey?

Nah, nah, no Mariah!

Before you go, we have to ask, we heard you were at Downing Street yesterday?

Yeah, I was at Downing Street, it was very surreal seeing it all the time on telly and then seeing it and having the opportunity to go there and mingle. It was for a charity event, it was young, talented people building stuff up and pursuing their careers in whatever they do. We could mingle and see everyone and create things together, it was really good for me.

Give it a few more Downing Street visits and then you'll be all demanding like Mariah!

Ha, no man, that's not me, I promise.

Best of luck with the new single, Angel. Have a great Christmas and we'll see you in 2013!

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