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news - Mon 6 Aug 2012
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Are you excited for the return of Ellie Goulding?

Millions of fans download her new music

It looks like 2012 could be Ellie Goulding's year, judging by the reception to her new material.

Fans have been lapping up the teaser track, Hanging On featuring Tinie Tempah, that Ellie gave away as a free download.

The volume of fans rushing to hear the track even caused streaming website Soundcloud to crash!

Hanging On became the No 1 most blogged and most played track on Hypemachine that week, and has had over one million total plays on YouTube and Soundcloud already.

The lead single Anything Could Happen will be released on 30 September and the singer has given a tiny hint of what it sounds like in a promo trailer released for new album Halcyon.

With millions of fans desperate to hear Ellie's new stuff, could the Your Song singer become the big artist of 2012?

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your comments

""Hanging On" Is a cover of Active Child's majestic track. All credit to Active Child seem to be left off of Gouldings promos unlike the BIG letters that "High For This " was a Weekend cover. So to set the record straight without Active Child's genius , Goulding would have no cover and the success attention it has brought her"
— armyjones
"Couldn't be less excited :("
— Jane Brooks from London
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