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news - Mon 26 Nov 2012
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Girls Aloud release brand new album Ten

Everything you need to know about the new tracks...

We know you were probably screaming with joy when Girls Aloud announced their comeback, and we know you're now probably hugely excited for their brand new Ten album, out now.

Aside from a load of classic Girls Aloud hits, the album also features four new songs. The group have already premiered Something New (their recent single) and Beautiful Cause You Love Me (their next single), but what can you expect from the other two brand new tracks? Well, read on...

On The Metro is an undeniably, absolutely, unbelievably, spectacularly, fantastically amazing pop song. You can tell that we're rather fond of it, right? An electronic-sounding Nicola opens the track softly before the bass, synth and pounding drum all kick in for a fast-paced down-at-the-disco type affair.

We're struggling to compare it to previous Girls Aloud singles, but if you combine Wake Me Up with The Show, you're kind of going in the right direction. Almost.

It's upbeat, in-your-face, pop-meets-electronica. Oh yeah, there's also a slight whiff of All Fired Up by The Saturdays as the chorus kicks in.

Our favourite lyric: "I was in my favourite party spot, sipping on my favourite soda pop".

Our second favourite lyric: "I left my heart at the disco, now I'm crying on the metro".

Every Now And Then is a slightly spooky-sounding number about an old flame still burning at heart. You know how even when you've split up with someone, they still linger in your mind from time to time? That's the idea behind this new tune.

There's more synth here, but there's an all-round more mature vibe going down, similar in sense (but not sound) to The Loving Kind.

Just when you think you've got this song figured out (spooky-sounding, eery strings, flutters of modern synth, mid-tempo etc.) the girls do what they do best and flip it all on its head. Prepare for some trance-like rapid beats and plenty of vocodered shouts from the group (is the record stuck? No, it's supposed to be like this) as things ramp up a notch in time for a second chorus and the second half of the track. It's pretty special.

Our favourite lyric: "I gave you everything. I even wore your ring".

Our second favourite lyric: "I gave you all my love, I took it back again, but the candle in my heart, it flickers now and then".

So, do the tracks sound as you expected? Just in case you didn't quite get the message, they're both MASSIVE.

Will you be buying the album? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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