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news - Mon 21 Jan 2013
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Jessie J prepares for charity head-shave

Watch as Jessie preps herself for impending baldness

Back in October last year, Jessie J made the brave decision to shave her hair off for Comic Relief 2013. She even jokingly quoted her massive hit Price Tag, saying on Twitter: "it is all about the money".

After making the promise, she probably pushed it to the back of her mind while she concentrated on writing and recording her second album.

However, now the new year has begun, her date with the clippers is looming. Even though Jessie puts on a brave front in this video, her ramblings about Phil Mitchell and the bloke who delivers the fridge-freezer reveal her nerves at her impending baldness.

In the clip here, watch Jessie as she psychs herself up to carry out the charitable task ahead.

Jessie says so what and "no biggie" to the fact that she may look like Phil Mitchell however her face tells another story.

The humour is there, the intentions are honourable, but is Jessie really ready to take the plunge yet? There's no turning back now Jessie...

We salute you, raising money for such a good cause. WELL DONE!

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