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news - Thu 21 Feb 2013
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Monkey from Orange meets The Saturdays

The girls reveal plans for 2013 tour

This week us folk at Monkey from Orange only went and bagged ourselves ten minutes in a room with The Saturdays. Yes, it's fair to say we were a little bit excited indeed.

Read the full chat with the girls below, as they reveal (rather excitingly) plans for a 2013 tour. Amazing...

Welcome back, girls! So, very exciting things are happening for you in the States right now. How have you found it over there and is it still a bit surreal that you have your own American reality TV show?

It's been an absolutely incredible experience. We've done two reality shows here in the UK before, The Saturdays: 24/7 and What Goes On Tour, but this was in a completely different league. We had a massive crew following us around the whole time, but they pretty quickly became part of our family and we forgot they were there!

How do you think audiences in the States compare to us lot here in the UK?

We were mainly surprised by just how many fans we had in the US. We didn't expect anyone to know who we were, but not only did we sell out shows in LA and New York, but everyone knew all the words to our songs. It was such a great feeling.

Obviously the show has been a huge success but initially did you have any reservations about letting cameras follow you around all the time? Is it a big intimidating like being in Big Brother?!

From our first meeting with the E! Network, we knew that they were going to be really lovely people to work with. So we put a lot of trust in them and felt comfortable letting their cameras into our lives. Now that we've seen the episodes back, we're really pleased with how they've turned out.

So, Rochelle, youre expecting a wee baby which is amazing news. Has Una been giving you any handy advice?

Una's been such an incredible help. She's really proved that you can balance being a mum with your career, which is very inspiring. She does always say that every baby is different and every mother is different. You can read 100 books and take advice from loads of people, but you never really know what to expect until your baby arrives.

Una, how are you finding juggling your career and motherhood then? Weve seen some gorgeous photos on Twitter of baby Aoife on the road with all of you Saturdays!

I have honestly never been happier in my entire life, I absolutely love being a mother and want to spend every minute with Aoife. She is so wonderful and so beautiful and she really has enriched myself and Ben's lives so much.

We love your new single What About Us. Tell us more about what the songs about

We love What About Us SO much, it's definitely our favourite single. While it's got a really upbeat feel to it, there's a really relatable story behind the lyrics too.

Sean Paul features on it too which is pretty exciting. Did you approach him or did he approach you?

When we first heard the track, we noticed a bit of a reggae influence to it. We were thinking about adding a feature, and Sean Paul was definitely our number one choice. We love his records, especially his features with Beyonce and Blu Cantrell.

Finally, will you promise us that you British girls are not going to leave the UK for good, to go and live the super glamorous celebrity lifestyle in the States? We want you back here!

Oh gosh, no way. The UK will always be home for us. We'd miss our family and friends too much and English tea!

What will 2013 hold for you and can we expect a new UK tour at some point? Fingers crossed...

We definitely hope to be going out on tour again this year, so stay tuned about that. We're now finishing up our album which comes out later this year, plus we're planning some trips to brand new territories like Germany and Australia which is all really exciting. It's going to be a big year for us Sats.

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