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news - Wed 3 Oct 2012
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New Girls Aloud single out in November

Group filmed the video yesterday

We've got some exciting news! Girls Aloud will reportedly release their new single next month. Squeal!

The girls are believed to have recorded the vocals for their new song back in May, when their long-time collaborators Xenomania tweeted:

"Prepping to go in the studio with @NadineCoyleNOW for new GA sessions... New GA sessions with @NicolaRoberts @KimberleyJWalsh @SarahNicHarding in the studio over the last week."

The vocals for the single may have been recorded separately, but the group were all back together yesterday to film their first video for three years. We wish we'd been a fly-on-the-wall there, don't you?

A source revealed all to the Daily Mirror saying: "On Tuesday, all five were together to film the video for their big return song, which is due out next month.

"It was the last possible opportunity they would all have to get together in time for the release, as Cheryl has been busy rehearsing for her tour and Kimberly Walsh's training schedule for Strictly has been getting more intense."

The new track will be released just in time for their tenth anniversary this year. And with Nadine now living in the States and reportedly "estranged" from the others, it's good to hear that they've put any differences behind them.

The source went on to say: "The girls recorded tracks with their long-time collaborators Xenomania as early as May this year.

"Some of them recorded their vocals separately, so they didn't actually see each other that much during the process.

"Obviously, Nadine has been pretty estranged from the group during their time off, too."

Yippee! We just can't contain our excitement here at Monkey from Orange. Are you as excited as us? Let us know in the comments below.

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