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news - Mon 29 Oct 2012
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"No one can threaten me" says Justin Bieber

He says he doesn't worry about competition

Justin Bieber admitted he is so confident in his own talent, that he doesn't feel threatened by the likes of One Direction and The Wanted.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bieber claimed "no one can threaten me", and in fairness, when you've clocked up three billion video views on YouTube, you probably are pretty fearless!

He said: I am not threatened by anybody; no one can threaten me. Its actually cool to have other young people on the scene. Ive spent years being the only one at all these awards shows now there are other people my age.

I hang out with One Direction, and the guys from The Wanted are fun, really funny guys. I keep my distance when they go to clubs to have their fun I go home.

He may not be scared of the competition, but Biebz did admit he's scared of something. Flying.

Justin said: I just started to really not like getting on a flight. It scares me. When I get anxiety, my heart drops and starts beating really fast as if its going to explode. And when theres a weird noise, its like, whats that weird noise?

People say you have more chance of getting into a car accident than a plane crash, but they do maybe one flight a year and Im on planes all the time. And all the time Im thinking I have no control. If this plane crashes Im dead. I feel like every time I get on a plane Im risking my life.

Poor Bieber, risking his life for us, the fans. We'd happily sit next to him on a long-haul flight to try and calm his nerves.

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