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news - Fri 3 Aug 2012
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Orange Monkey meets Lawson

Read our exclusive chat with the boys

Once you've read our big chat with Lawson, click here to watch some of their favourite videos, as the band take over Orange Monkey.

Welcome back, boys! After the huge success of When She Was Mine, was it a hard choice choosing the follow-up single or was Taking Over Me already waiting in the wings?

Andy Taking Over Me was the last song we wrote for the album. We did it out in LA when the sun was shining and we were all in such a great mood I think that comes across in the song itself!

Ryan So much of our album is about heartbreak and when a relationship ends so it was important we had a song which reflects the more positive aspects of falling in love.

Are your first two singles indicative of the sound of the album, or are there a few surprises in store?

Joel It's very much guitar led pop/rock songs with big choruses but we have some great ballads on there too.

Adam We can't wait for people to hear it and then hopefully we'll tour at the start of next year and everyone can be singing along.

What have you been listening to this summer?

Ryan I'm loving Frank Ocean's new album at the minute.

Andy There's so many fantastic songs out at the moment. I love that one by Karmin Broken Hearted. That's my guilty summer pleasure!

Are you getting much chance to hang out and have a bit of spare time, or is it all busy work?

Adam We've been working like crazy at the minute but we've managed to find a bit of time to party. We went to a great one the other night and Kate Middleton was there.

Andy It was in this big posh gallery full of all these important people, and then you had us 4 idiots in the corner.

Has there been a moment yet when you've felt "famous"? Have you used the line "Don't you know who I am?" to jump a queue?

Andy We're very good blaggers and manage to wangle ourselves a fair bit of free stuff and things like drinks at clubs, but you won't ever catch us saying 'Don't you know who I am?" It's the most stuck up thing to say.

Ryan And knowing our luck, they'd just respond with "No."

Girls in pop have had to raise their fashion game in recent years to compete with the likes of Lady Gaga. With no spinning bra like Katy Perry or leotard like Madonna to have to deal with, how important is fashion to you as a band?

Joel We're all into our clothes and looking good. We signed a modelling contract with NEXT Models at the start of the year so that's opened our eyes to the world of fashion and models a bit more. Andy is probably the most into it.

Andy Yeah, I have been known to tell the boys quite bluntly what does and doesn't look good on them!

If you could give some style advice to your male fans, what would it be?

Ryan Don't wear speedos. Ever.

Bands like The Wanted and One Direction are finding themselves with adoring fans and lovesick groupies. Are you getting similar attention?

Adam Our fans are dirtier I think. They scribble stuff on our van all the time some of it is proper X-rated stuff.

Andy Yeh, our poor tour manager Mikey is forever cleaning it off, poor bugger.

Joel Our fans are great. They pick the most amazing thoughtful presents for us.

Would you ever date a fan? What's the best way for a girl to get your attention?

Adam If a girl wasn't into our music then I probably wouldn't want to date her so I guess I have no choice but to date a fan.

Ryan A nice smile and someone who is confident is what grabs my attention first.

When Autumn/Winter rolls around (shudder), what will Lawson have in store for us to keep us warm?

Andy We'll have our album out by then so you can put the kettle on, get comfy by the fire and listen to Lawson's debut album.

Amazing we can not wait. Thank you Lawson, and don't forget to explore more of Orange Monkey as the band take over our website!

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