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news - Thu 8 Nov 2012
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Orange Monkey meets The Wanted

We chat exclusively to band member Jay McGuiness

So, we all love The Wanted, right?

The boys have just released their new (and rather different sounding) single I Found You, so we thought we'd catch up with the boys to have a bit of a chinwag.

How was it shooting the ever-so-slightly steamy video, and what can we expect from the new album? Read on below as we chat to Jay...

Hello Jay! Youve been doing so well over in America recently, but is it good to come home and get back to a) your home comforts and b) all your UK fans?

As much as we love travelling it's always great to come home, one of the things we miss the most when we are away are our loved ones, so it's good to spend time with them. And of course our UK fans, where would we be without them?

The new video I Found You is a bit of an action-packed boundary pusher. Were there any real black eyes by the end of filming?

Yes! Well not exactly black, but red and tender definitely as it was a long day!

How did you decide that Nathan would get to kiss the girl in the video? Surely you all wanted to be in on this scene?

Originally Max was supposed to do it but on the shoot day we realised it fell on Nathan's solo so we swapped. Max was gutted!

They say never work with children or animals, how did bringing a dog on set work out for you?

We stand by the opinion that Boris the boxer dog was the best actor on set.

We have our first single off of your third studio album, how long until we get to hear the whole thing? And what can we expect?

Maybe March 2013? Not official yet though. The album will be a mix of The Wanted style party songs and a few that reflect the tough year some of us have had personally.

Youve worked with LMFAO and Rita Ora on the album?

Yes! We aren't sure if the tracks will be on the album yet but they do exist!

If you could choose anyone in the music biz - past or present - to work with, who would it be and why?

Elvis because he is The King.

Whats the strangest thing a fan has ever sent to you?

Hair, thats always strange.

Whats the stupidest thing you have read about yourself? Is it tiring being harassed by paparazzi?

That I was married to an avocado, it took our label three weeks to get that taken off my Wikipedia page. And yes, the UK paps are the worst!

When you do go travelling and promoting your music outside of the UK again, what is the one thing you will miss the most?

Family & loved ones. Never changes.

Aw, thanks Jay. Don't forget to dial 247 from your Monkey mobile to listen to The Wanted on our big Best of Boybands playlist. Dial up now!

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