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news - Thu 2 Feb 2012
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Pixie Lott Interview

With her latest album, Young, Foolish, Happy spawning hit after hit, we chat to the stunning singer-songwriter.

Pixie talks about her more mature and soulful sound, her dream collaboration, her style and writing for Beyonce...

Q: Kiss the Stars is very different from previous singles like Boys & Girls. Why the change in direction? How do you think your fans have received it?

I wanted to have fun uplifting futuristic track and the fans really love it.

Q: Tell us about the concept for the music video.

A quirky, futuristic, fun video.

Q: Did being in a relationship influence your album Young Foolish Happy at all?

No, I loved the soulful track, Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy from when I was young by The Tams and think it's a good message for young people.

Q: How does the new album compare to your debut, Turn It Up?

Young, Foolish, Happy is more mature with a soulful edge.

Q: Is there anything you would change, with hindsight, about your first album now?

Definitely not, I love it!

Q: There are several impressive collaborations on the new album, but who would your dream collaboration be?

Well my dream collaboration was to be with Stevie Wonder, who is actually on the album... he plays the harmonica in the middle eight of Stevie On The Radio. Maybe a duet with him would be great next time!

Q: Does the pop landscape feel different now than when you first entered the charts?

Yes as I think I'm more soulful.

Q: With the new album has come a new look. Who and what has influenced your new style?

I think that I have just grown up alot since the first album. Having my hair cut definitely gave a more mature and different look.

Q: How does it feel to be nominated for a BRIT this year? Is All About Tonight the best single, in your opinion?

I feel really honoured to be nominated for a BRIT along with other great tracks. I really do love All About Tonight as it has a good uptempo happy vibe, along with other tracks of mine... the BRITs will be a special night.

Q: You've had three No 1s. Your lowest charting single is Gravity at No 20. Do you panic when a single doesn't do as expected, and how does it feel when it reaches the top spot?

Q: Having three No 1s has been great as the market is so difficult but I feel really happy and appreciative that my tracks have all been in the Top 20 - thanks to everyone who has supported me.

Q: You are also a songwriter, and have written for Alexandra Burke and Selena Gomez. Are you writing for anyone else right now? What artist would you most like to see sing one of your songs?

I'm not writing for anyone in particular at the moment. All of my songs I write for myself but sometimes they dont fit my project so its great that they are used by talented artists. It would be great if Beyonce used one of my tracks!!

Q: What can we expect from you in 2012?

Lots of promotion of Young, Foolish, Happy in the UK, Europe, Japan and hopefully USA. Definitely a tour too (not sure when) as performing live is what I like to do best.

Q: What will be the next single?

Not quite sure yet as its still up for discussion... keep your ears and eyes out!

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