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news - Tue 10 Aug 2010
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Preeya chooses the tunes

Best known for playing the role of Amira Shah in Eastenders, we caught up with the lady who's hoping to make you 'Shimmy' this Summer, Preeya Kalidas, to find out what's on her playlist.

Here were her selections:

1. No Doubt Don't Speak

Such a great song. When No Doubt came out, Gwen was so refreshing.

2. Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper

Grace is such an individual, an icon. This is guaranteed to get you grooving anytime, anywhere.

3. Duffy Stepping Stone

This is just so lyrically beautiful. I wish I'd written it.

4. La Roux In For The Kill

A really refreshing artist, who is slightly to the left but with a really catchy song.

5. Lady Gaga Paparazzi

Last year she brought a whole new sound to pop and Paparazzi was another great song from her album.

6. Pixie Lott Cry Me Out

My gay best friend loves this song. Pixie has such powerful vocals on it.

7. Noisettes Don't Upset The Rhythm

Another great pop song. I think this change of direction really suited them.

8. 50 Cent Candy Shop

A club banger that never fails to make you want to whine.

9. Ne-Yo Closer

Ne-Yo never fails to impress with his songwriting skills. I would love to work with him.

10. Stevie Wonder Superstition

He is such an inspiring artist. I grew up listening to him.

Join Monkey from Orange and 4Music to hear Preeya's playlist in full or click on the link below for thirty second previews of each track:

Listen to Preeya's playlist

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