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news - Mon 7 Jan 2013
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PSY splashes out on million-dollar Los Angeles home

PSY invests in US home as he works towards new album

South Korean star PSY has splashed out on a new luxury condo in Los Angeles worth an estimated $1.249 million.

According to TMZ, the Gangnam Style performer invested in the 2,700-square-foot property to establish a base in America as he works on his upcoming album.

PSY signed a record deal with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun earlier in the year after Gangnam Style went viral on YouTube, and he's currently at work on a new record.

Gangnam Style broke Justin Bieber's world record to become the most-viewed video ever on YouTube, currently with over 1.127 billion views. Wow, that's a lot of eyeballs on PSY.

Justin Bieber's Baby video, released in February 2010, currently boasts 818 million views. Next Big Sounds approximates that at current viewing levels, Baby won't pass the one billion mark until 2014.

Are you excited to hear more from PSY in 2013? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Now he's got his home in the USA, we're excited for loads of big new music soon.

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