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news - Tue 12 Feb 2013
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Rihanna debuts Stay video

Watch the singer take a bath in the new vid

Rihanna has finally released the video for her hit track Stay, which features the Bajan star stripping down and taking an emotional bath.

If it sounds erotic and tantalising, it's not. Rihanna is basically just floating around looking devastated, a single tear rolling down her cheek towards the end. It's an emotional song though, so I suppose it would be pretty weird if she was really enjoying bath time. This isn't a Pitbull video, after all.

Louisiana recording artist Mikky Ekko also features in the video. He too looks emotional, staring deeply into a mirror and no doubt contemplating past heartbreaks and the complexities of love.

We absolutely loved Rihanna's live performance of Stay on Saturday Night Live way back last year, and it's one of our favourite songs from Unapologetic, but was the new video worth the wait? It's been a long time coming...

Watch it on our brand new music video page here.

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