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news - Thu 31 Jan 2013
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The Saturdays' Rochelle spends $23,000 on furniture

She broke the news to hubby Marvin via Skype

You may think pop stars spend their cash willy-nilly and cost is never an issue. For some musicians this may very well be the case but it seems, that Marvin from JLS was taken aback when his wife spent $23,000 on furniture behind his back.

Viewers of The Saturdays' US reality telly show this week watched Rochelle embark on a mammoth shopping spree, purchasing four leather chairs, a chest of drawers and a lavish bed that set her back over $5000.

The spree came after Rochelle - out in America with her girl band - discovered that she's secured their dream home in England.

She hit the shops with fellow band member Una, who insisted that Rochelle didn't buy anything, as she hadn't even looked into shipping costs. We found ourselves agreeing with sensible Una. We can't imagine it's that cheap getting a $5000 bed (and loads more household items!) 6000 miles back to the UK.

However, totally ignoring Una's advice, Rochelle returned to the shops alone the following day to buy everything she wanted.

While hubby Marvin was back home, viewers saw Rochelle break the news of her splurge to him via Skype, and it's fair to say poor Marv didn't look too happy about the whole flashing the cash situation.

Maybe the money would be better spent with the purchase of a pram or cot? Or maybe some gorgeous and glamorous baby clothes? Rochelle and Marvin are expecting their first child later this year, after all. We just hope the very expensive bed isn't for the little one, otherwise it'll be covered in slobber and sick in no time...

Watch The Saturdays' new video, What About Us, on our brand new super dooper music video page here.

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