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news - Mon 7 Jan 2013
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The Wanted's Tom says One Direction are manufactured

Tom Parker says 1D were "taught to be a certain way"

The Wanted's Tom Parker believes One Direction are more manufactured than his group, because they come from a TV talent show and also because they were "taught to be a certain way".

He told OK! Magazine: "When you come out of a TV programme you get taught to be a certain way. I'm pretty sure over the years they'll come into themselves.

"They're still young and, do you know what, they're nice lads."

The two boybands traded a series of highly-publicized blows over the last year as they began breaking America, but Tom insists the rivalry was not fueled by the bands themselves.

He continued: "Everyone kicked off over here and it was very One Direction versus The Wanted.

"It went worldwide. We're both British bands doing it for the Brits and taking it to America and I don't get why people are trying to create this feud between us."

So, it sounds as though they do actually get along with each other, but do you agree that One Direction are the more manufactured group?

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