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news - Mon 19 Nov 2012
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Watch as Lawson impersonate each other

The hilarious video is here!

Our friends at 4Music caught up with Lawson backstage recently at Future Hits Live in Preston - where they performed alongside The Wanted, Amelia Lily and Fazer - and had the boys answer questions as each other. They came up with some pretty hilarious impersonations!

Watch here as Adam takes the mick out of Ryan's Northern accent while describing his embarrassing fall in front of 400 crew members.

Then, Joel has a go at Adam's Southern accent and posh vocabulary, teasing him about aviation. As he points out, "that's 'plane' for all you who don't know what it is".

Ryan's next, whipping out a hilarious impression of lead singer Andy's Scouse accent, as he acts out Andy's best chat-up lines. Oh, if only Andy would chat us up....

Anyway, back to the subject matter, and Andy finishes off by pretending to be Joel, and answering who his favourite band member is. Awkward.

Are you digging the Lawson boys' impressions? Who do you think was the best impersonator? Let us know in the comments below.

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