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news - Wed 19 Dec 2012
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Watch Taylor Swift's new video I Knew You Were Trouble

We love it!

Taylor Swift's new music video for I Knew You Were Trouble is a grungy tale of punk-ass boys, broken hearts and regret. Amazing.

The video is an epic story, with two minutes of introduction material before the music actually starts. Taylor delivers a dramatic narration of her 'harrowing' journey of the heart. She's been through a lot, don't you know?!

With plenty of dirty, tattooed boys, some passionate kissing in swish cars and a scandalous party out in the desert, it seems Taylor is no longer our all-American good girl. She's a rebellious little punk!

The track is an intriguing blend of commercial country-pop and grinding dubstep, so it only makes sense she would try and get her hands a bit dirty in the video. We're big fans of it and can't stop watching it.

CLICK HERE to see Taylor's new vid. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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