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Chipmunk ft. Trey Songz - 'Take Off'


Chipmunk sure has a thing for poised US r'n'b vocalists, doesn't he? Following collaborations with Chris Brown and Keri Hilson, he's flicked the rap /r'n'b  blender up to the 'super-smooth' setting and serves a treat with Trey Songz on 'Take Off'.

A steamy force to be reckoned with, Grammy-nominated singer Trey Songz  is quite the Stateside sensation. Noted for his honeyed vocals and a penchant for singing about things of an adult nature, he has already worked with the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Chipmunk has expressed his keenness to develop a mature sound with his recent efforts and by hooking up with one of the randiest men in music, he is certainly going the right way about it. But, to quote Scouting For Girls, this ain't a love song - we're dealing with the breaking up rather than the making up.

Rapping over some Bollywood-inspired production (and offering some relief from the relentless Euro-beats that currently dominate the Top 20) Chip displays an admirable honesty narrates how fame can destruct a relationship. He warns: " I keep my life in a limelight, pap lights, award shows, red floors/ Bougie bars, yes that what I'm made for".

Considering this exotic effort hammers the final nail in a doomed romance,Trey manages to coat the chorus with a glistening gloss finish, as he tells his girl that he's headed for the door. When did break-ups ever sound this good? Download 'Take Off' in the music store now.


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