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1bn views for Gangnam Style video

South Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style has become the first video to reach one billion views on video hosting site YouTube.

The video by 34-year-old pop star PSY was uploaded in July and shows the singer making fun of the extravagant lifestyle of the residents of Gangnam, a neighbourhood where he grew up in the capital, Seoul.

It became an internet sensation around the world, attracting celebrity fans including Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson told the Tory party conference in October how he and Prime Minister David Cameron "danced Gangnam-Style the other day, you will be shocked to discover".

Previously, Justin Bieber's hit Baby was the site's most-viewed video but Gangnam Style overtook it on November 24. It has taken PSY only five months to reach the one billion milestone.

A spokesman for Google said Gangnam Style is viewed between 7 million and 10 million times a day on average. Comparatively, Bieber's Baby is viewed between 300,000 and 500,000 times per day.

A statement on YouTube's blog said the video has been watched at least 1 million times in close to 75 countries respectively, making it one of the most global music sensations ever.

"Congratulations to PSY, the flash mobbers, K-Pop fans and people who love fun across the globe. Considering the Gangnam Style dance was the number one dance-related search on YouTube this year, you better make sure you brush up on your moves before New Year's Eve," the statement said.

Parody Eton Style, filmed by students at the elite public school, has attracted almost three million views.

Earlier this month Google said Gangnam Style is among its most commonly searched phrases of the year.

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