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  • 26 June 2014, 7:33

1D's Niall Horan In Fan Plea Over Thrown Ojects

One Direction fans have been asked to "limit" the items they throw on stage after Niall Horan was left bent over in pain when something hit his knee.

The singer was performing with his bandmates in Amsterdam when the unidentified object was hurled at him.

After the show Horan tweeted: "Can you limit what gets thrown on stage please! Coz somethin thrown at me tonight! Hit my knee! A lot of pain from it!"

He added: "Never wana sound like I'm complaining! But only having my operation 5 months ago, I still get a bit of pain and I'm very scared about it".

The limping pop star was comforted by his friends after the incident and the hashtag"feelbetterNiall"began trending on Twitter.

Horan had surgery on his knee in the US in January to correct an old football injury. He was left on crutches for weeks while he recuperated.

One Direction, which also includes Harry Styles, ZaynMalik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, are currently on the European leg of their Where We Are tour. They head to the US in August.

Horanalso thanked the Dutch city for "a great couple of shows".