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  • 12 December 2013, 14:10

Anchorman 2 Stars On Burgundy Carpet In London

Will Ferrell has told Sky News he might have pursued a career in journalism if he had chosen not to enter comedy and film.

Speaking at the premiere of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues in London, Ferrell criticised 24-hour news as being "flawed", but added that he might once have gone into the industry.

"If I hadn't gone into acting and comedy, I studied broadcasting in college so I possibly would have done something in news," he said.

The new film - released nearly a decade after the first instalment - sees Ferrell's TV newsman Ron Burgundy offered a presenting job on a rolling news channel called GNN.

Ferrell said the film is close to his heart and means a lot to the whole cast.

"We all did this for a huge pay cut, we wanted to make the movie so much," he said.

Ferrell was joined in London's Leicester Square by other members of the cast, including Steve Carell and Christina Applegate.

The actors have reprised their roles as eccentric Brick Tamland and feisty newscaster Veronica Corningstone.

Applegate pointed out that while the film is possibly the silliest of the year, it does make a serious point about sexism in the media.

"Will Ferrell watched a documentary about anchormen saying terrible things about women. That's where he got the idea. It exists, we didn't make it up," she said.

Carrell said they had a lot of fun making the sequel.

"It's hard to decipher what's improvisation and what's scripted. We laughed so much. It's bizarre, anything goes," he said.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is being released in the UK on December 18.

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