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  • 29 April 2014, 8:35

Angry Birds Creator's Profits Fall By Half

Rovio - the makers of the Angry Birds series of mobile games - has seen its profits fall by more than half.

The Finnish games company had profits of 22m in 2013 on revenues of 128m, compared to 45.6m in 2012 on 125m.

It was Angry Birds that lead the headlong, catapult-propelled charge into mobile games, but other Scandinavian rivals have overtaken Rovio.

Finland's Supercell, which makes Clash of Clans, had annual revenue of 529m last year and Sweden's King, which is now based in London and recently floated on the New York Stock Exchange, had revenues of 112bn.

Mojang, the independent Stockholm-based independent studio behind Minecraft, had 2013 revenues of 195m.

Rovio is repositioning itself as an entertainment company, rather than a pure games maker and the company has previously said it wants to be bigger than Disney.

Some 47% of its revenues are from consumer products, including an Angry Birds soft drink.

The company also bought an animation studio and has been launching Angry Birds theme parks in Europe and China.

Rovio CFO Herkko Soininen said: "After three years of very strong growth, 2013 was a foundation-building year.

"We invested in new business areas, such as animation and video distribution, ventured into new business models in games, and consolidated our strong market position in consumer products licensing.

"With these investments we have been gearing up for the future growing markets."

Rovio came to prominence as US developer Zynga - the maker of Facebook games like Farmville - started its rise.

Zynga relied heavily on digital goods sold through blockbuster games for its revenues. King and Supercell rely on a similar 'freemium' model.

Rovio is hoping that a more diversified - if less spectacular - revenue stream will help the company stay the long-run.