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  • 30 April 2014, 13:47

Bob Hoskins: Stars Mourn 'Terrible Loss'

Stars of large and small screen alike have reacted with sadness at the announcement Bob Hoskins has died.

One of the first to tweet was Stephen Fry who said: "Oh no, Bob Hoskins. Gone? That's awful news. The Long Good Friday one of the best British movies of the modern era. A marvellous man.."

The Hollywood actor James Woods said: "Actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71. Oh man, what a terrible loss. A great guy and a superb artist."

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards, of whose awards he won one and was nominated for three more, said: "We're deeply saddened to learn that Bob Hoskins has passed away."

The British Film ?Council said: "So sad to hear we lost Bob Hoskins - one of UK's truly great performers."

Within minutes of his death, Hoskins was trending at number two in Twitter's list of the United Kingdom's most talked about people.

Actor and writer Mark Gatiss, who appeared with the star in The Wind In The Willows and posted a picture, said: "So sad to hear we've lost the great Bob Hoskins. A true gent & an inspiration. Happy memories of 'the Willows' in '06."

Eighties Actor and pop star and fellow Londoner Martin Kemp said: "RIP Bob Hoskins, 'Long Good Friday' one of the best movies ever made! You will be missed!"

Gok Wan said: "RIP Mr Bob Hoskins ... You entertained me throughout my childhood ... What an incredible actor ... So sad ... X"

Comedian Andrew Collins said: "Forgive me if this has been overdone already, but Bob Hoskins, TwentyFourSeven ... seek and watch. RIP."

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