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  • 12 December 2013, 13:29

Bride Had 'Little Emotion' Upon Finding Body

Friends of a Montana woman on trial for the death of her new husband say she showed little emotion when she located his body days after his disappearance.

Cecilia Lewellen said Jordan Graham climbed a steep slope below a roadway in Glacier National Park and called out that she had spotted the body in a ravine.

Ms Lewellen said after that, Ms Graham did not really show any emotion.

Another friend, Hannah Sherrill, says Ms Graham remarked that now a funeral could be held and "the cops can be out of it".

Prosecutors say Ms Graham knew where the body was because she deliberately pushed Cody Johnson during an argument.

In other testimony, Flathead County deputy coroner Richard Sine said Cody Johnson had an 8-inch fracture on his forehead and was not wearing a wedding ring when his body was found.

Mr Sine also testified that Mr Johnson had lacerations on his legs days after he was reported missing in July.

Ms Graham has pleaded not guilty to murder charges and lying to authorities for originally saying Mr Johnson had driven off with friends.

The prosecutors argue that Ms Graham was having second thoughts about the marriage.

Assistant US Attorney Zeno Baucus wrote in his brief that after Ms Graham allegedly pushed her husband, she did not call police or seek any assistance.

Instead, she began sending text messages to friends, planting stories about Mr Johnson's disappearance, according to Mr Baucus.

Ms Graham's lawyers have said the death was an accident that happened during a marital dispute.

The trial continues.