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  • 7 December 2013, 2:45

Burger 'joint' blunder gets worker fired

A Wendy's employee who dropped a partially smoked joint into a customer's cheeseburger has been fired and charged with marijuana possession.

The female customer ordered the burger at a drive-thru branch of the fast-food chain in the city of Lovejoy, Georgia, about 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta, last month.

Police say she drove home with her food without realising what had happened until she took a bite out of it and noticed a strange odour wafting from it.

When the woman removed the top of her burger bun, she saw the partially smoked joint inside.

After the customer contacted Wendy's and the police, officers arrived at the drive-thru and arrested Amy Elizabeth Seiber, 32, who allegedly admitted to smoking at work.

In a police incident report, Seiber is said to have admitted the marijuana was hers and that she had misplaced it.

She has been charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

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