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  • 31 March 2014, 5:53

Business Round-Up And Week Ahead

Sky's Naomi Kerbel offers a round-up of what's coming up in the week's business news.

: Monday March 31

From Monday, energy suppliers are required to publish the price at which they will buy and sell on wholesale markets up to two years in advance and the cost of a first class stamp goes up from60p to 62p.

:: Tuesday April 1

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) takes on its full powers on Tuesday. Regulator, Ofgemhas referred the energy market to the CMA for a full investigation into the competitiveness of the market andair passenger duty is due to rise in line with the Retail Price Index.

:: Wednesday April2

On Wednesday, ASOS will report half year results. The online clothing retailer has faced stiff competition from other web-based companies like the recently-floated Boohoo which also targets people in their 20s.

:: Thursday April 3

It will be the Chancellor's chance to be grilled on Thursday. George Osborne will give evidence at Treasury Committee on this year's Budget.

:: Friday April 4

On Friday, the U.S. will release its employment figures. It is expected that the unemployment situation will improve as the market shakes off the effects of severe winter weather.

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