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  • 2 August 2014, 14:30

Celebs Take To Social Media Over Gaza Conflict

With the violence in the Middle East showing no signs of abating, actors, pop stars and comedians have been taking to social media to vocalise their views on the conflict.

Madonna is the latest celebrity to receive a backlash from fans after posting photos on her Instagram account and calling for peace.

Earlier this week she was forced to clarify her position when accused of being pro-Hamas.

She said: "I do not support Hamas! I support human dignity and respect! I support sharing! I support Peace! #ceasefire".

In one of her latest photos, the singer stands on stage alongside two topless male dancers, one bearing the Jewish Star of David on his torso, the other the Islam star and crescent moon symbol.

Her most recent post shows two men with the same symbols standing together, holding hands.

Many of her younger music colleagues have also angered fans after taking sides in the conflict.

Earlier this week One Direction's Zayn Malik received death threats after tweeting #freepalestine to his 13 million followers.

Rihanna came under fire for tweeting the same hashtag which she quickly deleted, claiming it went out on her feed by accident.

Hollywood stars Penelope Cruz and her Oscar-winning husband Javier Bardem have also been forced to explain themselves.

The Spanish actors were among a group who signed an open letter condemning the actions of the Israeli military.

Following criticism, Cruz issued a statement admitting she was "not an expert on the situation" but did not want to be "misunderstood" expressing her wish for "unity" and "peace" in the region.

Bond actor Bardem said signing the letter "was solely meant as a plea for peace."

Entertainment Editor of The Huffington Post, Caroline Frost, told Sky's Entertainment Week: "It looks very cynical, almost, that they are backtracking which to me is a worst position to be in than somebody who hasn't said anything at all because it looks more measured."

Comedians Jason Manford and Russell Brand have also made headlines over remarks on the situation in Middle East.

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