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  • 22 April 2014, 15:12

Coulson Denies Hearing Sienna Message To Craig

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has told the hacking trial he was never played a voicemail left on Daniel Craig's phone by Sienna Miller, which exposed the actors were having an affair.

Coulson, also a former Number 10 spin doctor, denied the allegations made by former NOTW journalist Dan Evans that he was present when a tape of the message left on the James Bond star's phone was played.

Giving evidence in his defence for a fourth day in the Old Bailey trial, Coulson said he was not even in the office on the day Evans claimed he played the tape, referring to his diary on the September 27, 2005, that showed he was instead at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Coulson also said he believed information on the Miller-Craig affair may have come from Miller's mother.

He added: "People in and around celebrities - their relatives, their agents, their PRs - will talk to newspapers."

He said he had asked staff working on the story not to refer to Miller's then-boyfriend Jude Law as either a "sex addict" or a "love rat" in copy due to the paper's relationship with sources in his camp.

Coulson said he also believed Law was aware that some of those close to him were talking to the media.

Their identities were not disclosed in court, but it has already been reported that a relative of Law had been supplying information about him.

Evans has already admitted hacking phones while working at the News of World, claiming it was the main reason he was recruited in January 2005.

Evans, 38, has also claimed that Coulson knew about his activities and told him a voicemail he taped from Miller to Craig exposing their alleged affair was "brilliant".

Coulson said he could not remember having any specific dealings with Evans after his recruitment but said they may have spoken.

He told the court: "I am sure we would have spoken to each other.

"If a new member of staff arrives I would normally make the point of saying hello and having a chat with them.

"I am sure that happened, but none (conversations) stick in my memory."

Coulson, 46, of Charing, Kent, is charged with conspiring to hack phones with Rebekah Brooks and former managing editor Stuart Kuttner, and conspiring with former Royal editor Clive Goodman to commit misconduct in a public office.

All seven defendants deny all charges against them.