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  • 25 May 2014, 21:22

Count Begins As European Election Polls Close

Counting has begun in the European elections in those countries that have been voting on Sunday ahead of results across the rest of the continent.

Exit polls in France tipped the far-right National Front to have taken its largest share of the vote in its history.

The party led by Marine Le Pen won a 25% share of the vote as ballots closed at 6pm, according to pollsters.

Meanwhile, the extreme right Golden Dawn party was expected to win 9 to 10 percent in Greece.

From Portugal to Finland, voters of 21 nations have been deciding the makeup of the next European Parliament.

Britain and Holland started the process off on Thursday and they were followed by five other countries before Sunday.

Exit polls by German public broadcaster ARD also predicted a strong result for the country's new Eurosceptic party.

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It comes days after Nigel Farage's UKIP took a large share of the vote in English local elections, to take seats off all the other major parties.

In Greece, an exit poll showed that the radical left coalition known as Syriza was leading the conservative New Democracy party by about 3 percentage points.

It is understood that the turnout across the whole of Europe has been estimated at 43%. It makes it the first time the turnout has increased in 30 years.

Turnout in England was 36%, up from 34.7% at the last set of Euro elections in 2009.

The result in Wales, where the turnout was 32%, will be announced in Fishguard, after 10pm.

Northern Ireland's votes will not be counted until Monday.

A total of 73 of Europe's 751 MEPs will come from Britain or Northern Ireland.