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  • 3 September 2013, 21:28

Crayola Turns Dried-Up Markers Into Fuel

Crayola has developed a way of converting dried-up marker pens into diesel and other liquid fuels that can be used in ships and cars.

The company, which produces up to 700 million markers a year, has joined up with New York clean energy company JBI to create the Colorcycle initiative.

Around 600 schools across the US have joined the scheme which will see their used marker pens recycled for free.

The dried-up markers are melted and compressed in machines at JBI and processed into fuels, Fox News reported.

The machines process around 2,000lbs (907kg) of plastic an hour and can produce a few gallons of fuel every minute.

John Bordynuik, chief of technology at JBI, told Fox News: "It's an excellent way to handle un-recyclable plastics, and it's a very critical one as only 8 to 9% of the plastic in the US is actually recycled. The rest of it goes to landfill.

"You can take it and use it as it is. The only thing we'd have to add for transport use is a lubricity additive for engines.

"But other than that, it is the cleanest, straight chain fuel you could ask for a vehicle."

Peter Ruggiero, executive vice president for global operations at Crayola, said the scheme would help children understand how they can improve their environment.

So far around 17,000 marker pens have been recycled.