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  • 27 February 2014, 21:13

'Cut Snobbery' To Get Youth Back In Work

Making it compulsory for young people to improve their maths and English, as well as a Ucas-style website for work-based training, are among the latest Government plans to cut youth unemployment.

In a speech at a school in South London later, Nick Clegg will announce changes to how young people are helped to get into training and employment.

The Deputy Prime Minister will say: "Together, these changes will help us simplify your choices, end the snobbery surrounding vocational education that limits your prospects and support you as you make these decisions.

"We want every young person to be able to follow their chosen path.

"This is my commitment to you - to do whatever we can to ensure you get an equal shot at the life you want."

Earlier this week the Lib Dem leader said there are record numbers of people going to university, with the number of people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds rising faster than average.

But this latest announcement will target the six out of ten young people who choose not to go to university and decide instead to go straight to work.

It will include plans for each local area to set up a website similar to the Ucas university application system, but this time dedicated to work-based training including apprenticeships or other vocational courses.

There will also be a focus on basic skills, so any 18-21-year-old who is looking for a job and does not have a C-grade in GCSE maths and English will retake the qualification or be given equivalent training to improve their basic skills.

If people refuse to do this training, they would not get their benefit.

Schools are also being encouraged to give better career advice, and 16 or 17-year-olds will also be able to get advice in job centres.

Work experience will be offered to any young person who has not had a job for six months.

The latest unemployment figures found the number of young people out of work had fallen to 917,000, however the director of the British Chambers of Commerce recently said 16 to 24-year-olds are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than members of the workforce as a whole.

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