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  • 12 March 2013, 12:22

Danger As Electrical Product Recalls Ignored

Millions of potentially deadly electrical appliances are sitting in homes around the country despite attempts to recall the products, consumers are being warned.

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says one person is killed every seven days by an electrical accident and 350,000 people are injured annually, partly because of a "shockingly low" response to product alerts.

The charity found the average success rate of a product recall is just 10%-20%.

With 266 product recalls in the last six years and manufacturers making hundreds of thousands of items, it is thought millions of dangerous items stay in people's homes.

Research by the ESC shows almost two million adults have knowingly ignored a recall notice and a further one million admit owning an electrical item that has been recalled.

The researchers also found many consumers would jeopardise their safety if sending back a recalled product was too inconvenient or meant going without a luxury item such as a television or hair straighteners.

The ESC is launching an online tool that will allow users to quickly and easily discover if they own an electrical product that has been recalled.

The charity's Emma Apter said: "The small inconvenience of returning a recalled item is worth it when you consider that faulty products can electrocute or cause a fire.

"We firmly believe that there is more that retailers and manufacturers can do to help ensure customers are aware when a product has been recalled, and what to do if they need to return an item."