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  • 19 February 2013, 15:48

Double Identical Twins Born On Same Day

A woman has given birth to two sets of identical twin boys at the same time, a one-in-70-million chance experience.

Tressa Montalvo, 36, was not on any fertility drugs and said that she and her husband Manuel were simply trying to have a little brother or sister for their two-year-old son Memphis.

"We planned the pregnancy - I guess we just succeeded a little too much," she said.

Mrs Montalvo gave birth to the four brothers at The Woman's Hospital of Texas, Houston, via caesarean section.

When Mrs Montalvo was 10 weeks pregnant, her doctor told her she was having twins, and on a subsequent visit, the doctor detected a third heartbeat.

The Montalvos were later informed they were having four babies, not just quadruplets but two sets of twins.

The odds of delivering two sets of naturally occurring identical twins is somewhere in the range of 1 in 70 million, according to the hospital.

Two boys shared one placenta and the other boys shared another placenta.

Ace and Blaine were born at 8.51am on February 14 and weighed 3lbs 10oz (1.64 kg), and 3lbs 15oz (1.79 kg), respectively.

Cash and Dylan followed a minute later, weighing 2lbs 15oz (1.33 kg), and 3lbs 6oz (1.53 kg), respectively.

"We tried to stick to the A-B-C-D theme when naming them," Mrs Montalvo said. "We didn't expect it, we were trying for just one and we were blessed with four."

Mr Montalvo said that they would keep on trying for more children because he still wants a girl.