Financial News

  • 9 December 2013, 11:36

E.ON Dual Fuel Price Tariff To Go Up By 3.7%

Energy supplier E.ON has announced an average price rise of 3.7% for its dual fuel customers, effective from January 18.

The company said the increase in the dual fuel tariff will add an average of 48 to customers' bills.

Consumers with electricity only variable tariffs will also be hit by a 3.7% rise, equal to 20 on their annual payments.

Meanwhile, customers using variable gas tariffs can expect to see an increase of 4.6% - around 37 - to their bills.

The company said in a statement: "For the second year running E.ON has announced an increase later than any other major supplier and has once again shown it is working hard to limit the impact on its customers by announcing a lower average percentage rise than any other major supplier."

The firm said it is offering simpler discounts to customers.

It added that a price alert will automatically inform customers of cheaper deals it may offer in the future.

Chief executive Tony Cocker acknowledged any price rise is dreaded by customers but said his company would improve advice and practical measures for customers.

The price rises incorporate a change to the Government levy system that is calculated into bills.

But Mr Cocker admitted future price rises may occur by 2016.

He said: "Whilst there can be no guarantees, the likelihood of further price rises over the next 18 months caused by an increase in the cost of social and environmental obligations has receded due to the recent action taken by the Government."