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  • 20 April 2014, 1:27

Easter Weather: Millions Face Heavy Downpours

Easter Sunday and Monday are predicted to be wet for millions of Britons after a dry start to the Bank Holiday weekend.

Heavy showers and thunder are expected in places as rain moves from the southeast of England across central and southern areas and Wales by Sunday afternoon.

It could mean a washout for many people planning outdoor Easter Sunday celebrations following the recent spell of warm weather across most of the UK.

However, the north of England, Northern Ireland and the Republic and Scotland are expected to remain dry on Sunday.

Temperatures across the UK on Sunday are expected to range from 11 to 15C, while on Monday, the mercury could rise to 18C in places, forecasters said.

But the rainy conditions are predicted to become more widespread on Monday.

Sky News meteorologist Dr Chris England said: "It certainly looks as if the southern English counties and London will see heavy, prolonged rain on Sunday.

"That rain will spread to south Wales during the evening, but it will be mainly dry further north.

"The rest of England and Wales will have a lot of cloud and the odd shower, whereas Northern Ireland, the Republic and Scotland will be mainly dry with long spells of sunshine.

"Eastern Irish counties will see a few showers later.

"The cloud and rain will become more extensive overnight and on Monday, but Scotland will stay largely dry while the rain will tend to fade later, with some sunshine coming through.

"So, it won't be a complete washout, although it could be better."