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  • 27 November 2012, 11:15

Former Iranian Diplomat Wins Extradition Case

A former high-ranking Iranian diplomat has won a High Court battle in his bid to avoid extradition to the US.

Nosratollah Tajik, 59, is accused of conspiring to supply military hardware to his home country.

He was the target of an American sting operation in London six years ago and is wanted for conspiring to export US defence night-visionweapons to Iran without a licence.

The ex-Iranian ambassador to Jordan, turned engineering scholar, was arrested in2006 after agents from the US Department of Homeland Security pretended to beco-conspirators.

There have been long and controversial delays in the extradition process amidfears that sending Tajik to America for trial could cause further diplomaticproblems between the UK and Iran and create a "real threat" to staff at theBritish embassy in Tehran.

Lord Justice Moses, sitting with Mr Justice Sweeney, ruled that Tajik"has escaped extradition" because of a failure to "show reasonable cause"for the delays.

He will now be set free unless the Home Secretary and US government attemptto take the case to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK.