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  • 21 June 2014, 4:08

Family Keep Six Fingers Crossed For Brazil

A family will not need their second hands to count up Brazil's World Cup wins if their country claims a sixth title this summer - they were all born with two extra fingers.

Some 14 members of the da Silva family, who live near the capital, Brasilia, also have two additional toes because of a rare genetic condition called polydactyly.

Ahead of their team's crucial final group game against Cameroon on Monday, they said they are keeping all of their 196 digits crossed for a win that would see the side through.

Ana Carolina Santa da Silva said: "We're giving so much energy for Brazil to win.

"I believe this energy will flow on to the pitch and they will play really well and win their sixth World Cup."

Although their extra digits set them apart from their 10-fingered friends, the da Silvas do not struggle with every day tasks like cooking.

Teenager Joao de Assis da Silva puts his spare fingers and toes to good use on the football pitch, saying he can "hold the ball more easily" when playing in goal.

Grandmother Silvia Santos da Silva said the family's unique trait has not opened them up to discrimination and said family members born with more conventional hands and feet actually feel left out.

"My father always looked upon this as something natural," she said.

"For us, people with five fingers are the ones that are abnormal."