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Fashion hits and misses at Baftas

Stars braving the rain-soaked red carpet at the Bafta awards chose to play it safe, with many dressing in black.

Even before the gongs were dished out at the glitzy event at London's Royal Opera House, the A-listers were being split into winners and losers by fashion commentators.

Black was the colour of the night, but the few that chose more adventurous designs were either style hits or fashion flops.

Dress designer Caroline Castigliano said Zero Dark Thirty's star Jessica Chastain looked stunning in a shimmering royal blue gown, but fellow nominees Andrea Riseborough and Marion Cotillard failed to impress in shocking yellow frocks.

The bridal designer also said Laura Whitmore was "to die for" in a stylish black jumpsuit.

"I think the most amazing thing is the quantity of black," Ms Castigliano said.

"I really found that surprising."

The British dressmaker said the awful weather was probably the main reason why so many women opted for black - for both practicality and mood.

She said: "When I know how bad the weather can be this time of year, I'd think 'I need to have a couple of outfits'.

"Maybe that's why there's so much black out there."

Ms Castigliano said that as February falls between fashion seasons, most people would have felt wintry in the miserable weather, rather than bright and vibrant for spring.

"In spring everything is about colour this year, so perhaps when people looked out of the window and saw the awful weather, they went for black."

Dark colours also help the stars avoid the embarrassing water marks that lighter coloured dresses can show.

"It's safe," she said, "and I think people feel good in black."

The designer said: "Jessica Chastain looked fantastic in blue. She definitely was a stand-out.

"I also thought the jumpsuits were really interesting.

"Personally I thought Sarah Jessica Parker looked fantastic, and Laura Whitmore looked to die for - she was sexy."

And as for the disasters, Ms Castigliano said the yellow frocks worn by Riseborough and Cotillard were top of the list.

"The colour is appalling, and if I was honest, I don't think the shapes were flattering either," she said.

The commentator said she "wasn't crazy" about Dame Helen Mirren's choice of silver and grey colours for her sheer dress, and added the British star could have done more to show off her "fantastic figure".

And Dame Judi Dench showed her "experience and confidence" in choosing a black long-sleeved frock that avoided dragging along the rain-soaked red carpet.

However, Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence was left with water stains on the bottom of her outfit.

"It wasn't a particularly fantastic dress," said Ms Castigliano, "but I think she's such an amazingly pretty girl. Absolutely stunning."

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