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  • 11 April 2014, 10:00

Fiery Crash Between Truck And Bus Kills Nine

Nine people have been killed in a crash between a bus carrying high school students and a truck on a highway in California.

Massive flames could be seen devouring both vehicles just after the collision.

More than 30 people suffered injuries ranging from severe to minor burns, broken legs and noses and head lacerations, and at least two of those injured were reportedly in a critical condition.

Clouds of smoke billowed into the sky until firefighters had quenched the fire, leaving behind scorched black hulks of metal.

Bodies were draped in yellow plastic inside the burned-out bus.

The FedEx truck driver was among the dead, California Highway Patrol said, while investigators were working to identify the other eight victims.

The bus carried around 50 people, the vast majority students from various schools in the Los Angeles area who were on their way to tour the campus of Humboldt State University.

"I just heard this loud boom," said a student who was on the bus, 18-year-old Steven Clavijo.

"We knew we were in major trouble."

Many escaped through a window that someone had kicked open, running for their lives before the bus burst into flames.

The crash happened on Interstate 5 near Orland, a small city about 100 miles (160km) north of Sacramento.

Humboldt State University said in a statement it was "deeply saddened" by the accident.

"Our hearts go out to those who have been affected, and we are here to support them and their families in any way possible," it said.