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Find 'sheds new light on king'

The historic discovery of King Richard III's body will allow his life and reign to be seen in a new light, it is claimed.

Philippa Langley, of dig co-funder the Richard III Society, said: "We were given a mandate; 'search for him, find him, honour him'.

"This is the king who gave us the system of bail, opened up the printing industry giving us books and freedom of information, and also applied the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty and blind justice.

"And yet he is still presumed guilty for the death of the princes in the tower even though there's no evidence pointing towards him killing them.

"When investigating someone, your primary sources are those people who knew that person, and those who knew Richard said he was a great man."

Dr Mary Ann Lind, of the University of Leicester's English department, said "we must now reinterpret" what was thought to be known about the king's medieval reign.

Meanwhile, plans are now being drawn up for King Richard's interment, likely to happen next year, at Leicester Cathedral.

David Montieth, Canon Chancellor of Leicester Cathedral, said the revelation the king had been buried beneath a council car park - lying there for 500 years - was "an incredible story".

"I can now confirm that we have received a letter from the city council and the university to further the requirements of the Ministry of Justice licence which led to the exhumation of the human remains," he said.

"King Richard found security at Grey Friars and so that same parish church which became the cathedral will now make preparations to provide King Richard with a lasting place of rest.

"It is a momentous day for our city and nation and we will formally begin preparation for interment, and we know that through the love of God King Richard III may come to rest in peace and rise in glory."

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