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  • 22 March 2014, 9:25

Five Skydivers Feared Dead In Plane Crash

Five people are feared dead after a plane used for skydiving crashed at an airfield in eastern Australia.

The aircraft took off before veering left, crashing and bursting into flames at Caboolture, 31 miles (50 kilometres) north of Brisbane.

A Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Official said: "We received a call from the airfield and sent three crews to a light plane that had crashed. The fire was extinguished in 10 minutes."

Queensland Police said: "It is believed that five people were on board and that all are deceased."

Bryan Carpenter, who works at the airfield, told Sky News the plane was a Cessna 206, which carried between five and six people on skydiving flights.

He added the burning high-octane fuel destroyed the plane within just one minute.

"On impact with the ground (the plane) immediately burst into flames and there were no survivors.

"This is the worst-ever fatality accident we've suffered (at Caboolture)."