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  • 7 April 2014, 17:19

Goonies Director Confirms Sequel Will Happen

The director of The Goonies has revealed that a sequel to the 1980s classic is in the works and that he hopes to reunite the original cast.

Richard Donner appears to have given the clearest indication yet that the rumours may become reality after speaking to celebrity news website TMZ.

The original cast was made up of Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and Jeff Cohen. It is not known if they have committed to the film.

Donner gave the hint while signing autographs in California and was quizzed by the TMZ reporter about the current appetite for super hero films.

When asked if he would make another comic book movie, he said: "If you call The Goonies a comic book - we're doing a sequel."

The Goonies, produced by Steven Spielberg, follows a group of young friends trying to save their Oregon homes from demolition when they come across a map that leads them on an adventure to find pirate treasure.

The 1985 film has since become a cult classic.

Donner, 83, is hailed as the creator of the first super hero film, Superman with Christopher Reeve in 1978.

He and his wife, producer Lauren Shuler Donner, own the production company The Donners' Company, which is most well known for producing the X-Men films.

Donner has previously said that a second Goonies film will be made. A time frame is not known for when it will hit the big screen.