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  • 23 May 2014, 13:29

Hillsborough Inquests Jurors Visit Stadium

Members of the Hillsborough inquests jury are tracing the steps of the football fans who lost their lives in Britain's biggest sporting disaster.

They will visit the precise spot in the West Stand where fans were crushed to death in 1989.

The coroner Lord Justice Goldring joined jurors and lawyers who travelled from the courtroom in Warrington to the Sheffield stadium.

The hearings were legally "in session" from the moment the coroner and jury members met on a coach to the Sheffield Wednesday FC ground.

They were escorted to the stadium by police outriders.

The layout of the ground has changed substantially since the tragedy but jurors have been given photographs and maps showing how it looked 25 years ago when 96 people lost their lives.

They have also seen 3D computerised graphics and hours of TV and CCTV footage of the event itself.

The visiting group is expected to see key points within and around the stadium to get an idea of how fans entered the ground, how the event was policed, how the disaster unfolded and how the emergency services responded.

Television cameras will be recording the visit but the media are not allowed to identify jury members.

Margaret Aspinall, who lost her son in the disaster and is chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said:  "I think the coroner is doing a good job to make sure that they get every little feel of what it was like in '89 and I think that is important to get that feel from it."