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  • 6 October 2013, 21:51

Ice Cream Van Death: Girl Killed In Kansas

An eight-year-old girl has died after being struck by an ice cream van she was running after in Kansas City.

She was pronounced dead at a hospital on Friday night after being hit shortly after 5pm local time on Friday.

Witnesses said the girl was on the pavement chasing the van, which had pulled over to serve a boy.

Police said in a statement the driver started moving again and did not see the girl as she darted in front of the vehicle.

Neighbour Connie Armstrong told KCTV 5: "I was getting ready to go pick my husband up at the airport and had just got down by the garage when I heard somebody scream, 'No!' and heard a loud thud, and I opened the garage and saw the little girl in the street."

Mrs Armstrong ran to the girl and tried to help while others performed CPR.

Chris Petrie from the Kansas City police said of the driver: "He never saw the little girl.

"He was looking in his mirrors at the boy that was already running back into the house and came back to get some ice cream."

Mrs Armstrong said the little girl was "sweet" and liked to play outside.

She said: "She always came here to sell Girl Scout cookies, and she was just a little doll. She would wave at me when she was out on the street or anything.

"I think just about everybody here knew her, because she was just so sweet, she was everybody's friend."

The driver remained at the scene and co-operated with police.