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  • 10 December 2012, 18:49

Stolen iPhone Sends Picture Back To Owner

A woman has unwittingly taken her own picture as she attempted to unlock a stolen phone.

The image was then automatically sent to the owner who called the police.

A "rather cool" app downloaded on to the phone takes a picture of anyone who tries to unlockit, maps their location and then sends the information to the owner in an email,Sussex Police said.

The phone was stolen from the Coalition nightclub in Brighton, East Sussex,earlier this month.

Police said they do not know whether the woman pictured was responsible for thetheft but they appealed for her or anyone who recognises her to contact them.

"We know where and when the photo was taken and it appears to be in a vehicle with quite a large sunroof," PC Gavin Crute, of Sussex Police, said.

"We don't know that the woman is the person who stole the camera, but sheobviously has had some connection with it in the meantime and I'd like to speakto her about it," he added.

:: Anyone with information is asked to call Sussex Police on 101.